Letter below received from : Steven Dudnick (December 12th, 2006)

Dear Michael,

I want to tell you what a pleasure it was for me and my friend Wayne to meet you at the game fair in Chicago. We are both lifetime chess players, and we were drawn to your booth like moths to a bright light. Wayne and I are also game inventors, and we recognized instantly what a winner Ministers Chess will be.

Many variations of the traditional game of chess have been developed over the years, and all have failed for basically the same reason. Chess is one of the most complicated games ever devised, and any attempts to "improve" it have succeeded only in making it even more complicated, and thus even harder to learn. There are not enough people willing to gather and play a variation of a game that already takes a lifetime to master. But Ministers Chess is different.

There are no new rules to learn, and the chess-playing market is already there! Anyone who knows how to play traditional chess can sit down and play instantly. And with a bigger board and another piece, the game rises to a new level of both power and excitement. You have literally made a great game even better.

I have been asked why the great game of chess needs an improvement. And I have a ready answer. The modern game of chess is slowly being ruined by technology. Computers are changing the game. Our most talented masters of the game are now being routinely crushed by the new super-computers. These machines are programmed to remember all of the complicated opening theories and variations which have taken mankind centuries to learn. Coupled with mistake-free endgames, these programs will soon be impossible to beat.

Cheating in the game of chess has also become rampant. Tournament chess has increased prize money in order to attract the big players, and computers have created an unprecedented opportunity to cheat. And correspondence chess has been devastated. Any honest player knows full well that he or she is probably matching wits with a computer.

Ministers Chess has solved all of these problems. By adding just one piece and increasing the size of the board, you have created a perfect symmetrical game that is beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated computer. As a fellow game inventor, I can only marvel at your idea, at the same time my wife is slapping me on the back of the head because I didn't think of it first!

Congratulations Michael! You have developed a wonderful game!

Best Wishes!

01 May 2007

I've been a games retailer for 21 years.
This is the only chess-variant I have ever stocked, or ever played.

Marcus King
Titan Games

As seen at ToyDirectory’s site:

Ministers Chess - Third Edition by CORINTHIAN GAMES LTD.
Age: 6 and Up
Gender: Boys and Girls
Category: Board Games
MSRP: $32.95

TDmonthly rating:

The Dr.'s Impressions: Ministers Chess is quite a chess game. It includes a 9 x 9 folding board on one side, a traditional 8 x 8 pattern on the other side, tournament-sized plastic playing pieces, a vinyl roll-up board and a nice cloth bag. This variant is very close to traditional chess but provides "symmetry" by renaming the Queens "ministers" that can flank the King. This symmetry apparently corrects an anomaly of the structure of chess by eliminating the bishop-side weakness of the king.

Kids' Perspective: My 8- and 10-year-old boys did not want to learn chess another way. The more we tried to play, the more confused they became. I think this variant is better suited to much older children and adults.

Recommendation: This beautiful chess game provides an interesting alternative to chess but allows conventional play as well. I found after several games that I was much better at chess than I was before trying Ministers Chess. This variation allows for more sophisticated maneuvers and strategies and is not quite as influenced by the first 10 to 20 moves as is conventional chess. I recommend this game highly, though it might be best suited to older teens and adults, or younger kids who haven’t yet learned traditional chess play.


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